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The goal of this project is to tell the true story of Tessie Camilleri and Blanche Hubert and would therefore take the form of a historic drama set in Malta. Tessie and Blanche were the first Maltese women to enrol as students at the University of Malta in 1918. Tessie enrolled on a BA degree in English and Latin, while Blanche was accepted on the medicine course.

As Tessie’s course was shorter Tessie became the first Maltese to graduate from the Island’s only University in 1922. Blanche followed a few years later. In the end it is narrated that Tessie went on to marry the Secretary to the University Council and together they had four sons. Unfortunately, Tessie died at the age of 28 soon after giving birth to her last child.

After graduating Blanche married another doctor but chose to work as a pharmacist herself.

She went on to outlive Tessie by another twenty years. Tessie Camilleri has a footpath named after her at the University of Malta and Blanche Hubert a street in Sliema. This project will seek to uncover the stories behind the plaques and dramatise this part of Maltese history, in time for Tessie's graduation anniversary in 2022.

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