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Founded in 2018, Prickly Pear Productions is a female-led company committed to storytelling that breaks cultural barriers. Our mission is centred around presenting untold narratives inspired by diverse cultures and ethnicities. As staunch advocates for equal representation in the arts, we believe that the collective strength of everyone's stories contributes to a more vibrant and enriched industry.

At Prickly Pear, we view storytelling as a powerful tool for fostering understanding and connection. By amplifying voices often marginalized in mainstream narratives, we aim to create a space where every individual can find themselves reflected on screen or stage. Our dedication lies in building a creative environment that celebrates the beauty of diverse journeys, challenging stereotypes, and ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and compelling entertainment landscape. Join us on this transformative journey as we pave the way for a future where every story is not only heard but celebrated.



To celebrate different cultures

To give a voice to minority groups and stories

To champion the underrepresented artist

To spread awareness and understanding of different peoples and ways of life

To address stereotypes that currently represent people of colour and immigrants on stage and screen

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